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How Social Media is Ruining Your Career October 26, 2008

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If you are like most 20 somethings, you are on some sort of social media platform. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn… most of us are on one of these (if not more) multiple times a day. Whatever the case may be, if you are on it, there are a few things you need to know now if you plan on keeping your job or get a new one.

1. Take down any incriminating pictures. The last thing you want to do is have an employer, or future employer, see this. In many cases, when you are applying for a new position, recruiters will check you out on the web. If you are going to join their company, you will be representing them. They can’t have a young woman taking keg stands representing the company. When in doubt, ask yourself if you would want your father to see it.

2. Check your interests and hobbies. While they may be appropriate for our friends to see…. but when it comes to your clients and bosses, they may not be too fond of it. It doesn’t look good when one of your “interests” (more…)


New Year’s Resolutions Re-examined, 321 Days Since You Set Your Goals October 18, 2008

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I have been on a lot of business trips lately and… my eating habits haven’t exactly been top notch! Between all the meals I have been eating out ( Click Here to visit Eat Right When Eating Out for tips on this), my schedule changing depending on the city I am in, and a lack of adequate athletic facilities at the hotel have left me feeling a little…. Fat.

It got me thinking, we are ALREADY in the middle of October, how close am I to actually (more…)


The art of networking: How to master it. October 17, 2008

I recently talked about how to “climb the corporate ladder”. I wanted to elaborate on one of the most important parts of that article: Networking. You may be thinking; I have enough going on trying to stay afloat in this new world of working. Why do I need to bother with networking? You are fresh out of college, maybe in a new city, or just stuck at a dead end job that you know you do not want to be in five years from now. Where are you supposed to start? The best resource for a subject like this would be (more…)


How to deal with change at work October 16, 2008

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Just recently, I learned of some major changes at my job. In today’s economy, many of us will be going through some changes, whether they are big or small it is important that you handle them in a professional manner.
If you receive news of any kind of restructuring or any general changes, the first thing you should do is keep quiet. Make sure the news is coming from a reliable source. Gossip around the office (more…)


Writing the perfect resume October 15, 2008

When looking for a job we all know the inevitable truth: I have to have a GREAT resume if this company is even going to consider interviewing me. It is one of the most stressful one page documents you will ever have to write (hopefully). One great way to start is ask friends or relatives to see their resume. There are hundreds of different templates out there and one is not always better than another. Whatever style you pick, keep it simple and to the point. I have heard from college professors, managers, and other peers that the average time a person spends (more…)


Pair Up, Get A Mentor October 14, 2008

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The most successful people in the world didn’t get there by default. They had people leading them, coaching them, guiding them to their dreams.

Whether you realize it or not, you probably already have a lot of mentors in your life. Your parents, your boss, an old athletic coach, your teachers, for example could have all “mentored” you in your life. Granted, you may not have called them that. Nevertheless, if they helped guide you to achieving a goal, they have had a mentoring hand in where you are today.

In our twenties, we have less and less folks influencing our lives. It only makes sense that when we are younger, we have (more…)


Time Management For The Young Professional

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We all try to juggle too much in this life. And not only do we want to be good at things, we put pressure on ourselves to be great at EVERYTHING. And it is important you measure your time.

You have a lot of different shoes to fill. To your friends, family, kids, boyfriend, spouse, boss, coworkers (and don’t (more…)